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Dalia D'Amato, Adjunct Professor

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

Research areas: I am interested in societal and organisational sustainability transformations and their governance, focusing on: transformative change in the context of biodiversity and related sustainability issues; the science-policy interface supporting the EU Biodiversity strategy 2030; business impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Teaching activities: one yearly MSc course aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the theory and applications of ecosystem services, held at the University of Helsinki (2016-2020); three one-off intensive PhD courses (held respectively in 2016, 2017, 2020) about ecosystem services, and about the concepts of green-circular-bioeconomy, funded by NOVA network and targeting Nordic and international students; supervision of four MSc students and one PhD student.

Other academic and societal roles: vice-member of Faculty council (Agriculture and Forestry) at the Universiry of Helsinki (2018-2021); part of the editorial board of the journal Circular Economy and Sustainability (Springer) and of Canadian Journal of Forest Research; member of a scientific advisory group on the bioeconomy for the Italian Ministry of the Environment (2020); occasional consulting for companies Dasos and Vincit.

Studies and professional experience: I currently work as a Senior Research Scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute, and I remain affiliated at the University of Helsinki as an Adunct Professor. Before completing my PhD studies in Forest Economics and Marketing at the University of Helsinki (2013-2016), I worked as a researcher at the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) in Finland and as an intern at the Institute of European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in Belgium. I have two MSc degrees related to ecology and biodiversity management from the University of Sussex (UK) and the University of Roma Tre (Italy).

Funding: Total ca. 1.5 million (2016-2021).

Consortium projectsNordforsk call for interdisciplinary research (€1,500,000; 2021–2024, to be shared between three Universities); Nordic Forest Research (SNS) (€105,000; 2021-2024)
Postdoctoral projectsAcademy of Finland (€265,108; 2018–2021); Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science (€118,000; 2019–2020, declined by the applicant); Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto (€28,000; 2017–2018), Metsäteollisuustuotteiden vientikaupan edistämissäätiö (€28,000; 2016–2017)
Networking activitiesKONE (20,000€; 2020); University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry (€10,000; 2019); Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (€3,400; 2019); European Forest Institute (€99,000; 2018–2020, as part of a consortium and shared between eight Universities)
Teaching activitiesThe Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA) (€12,000; 2020;€7,500; 2016); Doctoral Program in Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources (AGFOREE) (€12,000; 2016–2018)


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