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Daniela Elena Ungureanu, PhD, Docent


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Daniela Ungureanu is a Co-PI at the Medical Systems Biology Group (Taipale group) at the Biomedicum, Helsinki. She received her PhD in Molecular Immunology at the University of Tampere. During her postdoctoral training she transitioned to structural biology and worked on JAK pseudokinases structural and functional characterization and their role in myeloproliferative diseases in the group of Prof. Olli Silvenoinen at the University of Tampere. In 2014 she started her own independent research group (Cancer Signaling) as Academy of Finland Research Fellow working on structural and functional characterization of ROR pseudokinases during cancer development at the University of Tampere.

In 2020, she started as a Co-PI in Taipale group at the Applied Tumor Genomics RPU in Biomedicum, Helsinki. We take a systems-biology approach to understand how tissue-specific factors collaborate with oncogenic signals to drive cell proliferation in cancer cells. She is also involved in several collaboration projects where the drug testing platform developed at FIMM has been applied to uncover novel drug vulnerabilities in cancer cells.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Molecular and Cellular Biology , Docent (Associate Prof.), University of Tampere

Tilldelningsdatum: 13 jul 2013

Molecular Immunology , PhD, University of Tampere

Tilldelningsdatum: 15 dec 2005

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Cancer Signaling , Tampere University


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