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Peer reviewed journal articles

 2020                “Swedish Surnames, British Accents: Passing among post-Soviet Migrants in Helsinki, Finland”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 43(16): 388-406

 2020                Krivonos, D., Diatlova A. “What to wear for whiteness? The ‘whore stigma’ and the East/West politics of race, sexuality and gender, Intersections: Journal of East European Society and Politics,  6(3): 116–132.

 2020                Kangas, A., Krivonos, D., Perheentupa I., Pascucci E. “Escaping a migrant metropolis: Saint Petersburg through the art project Nasreddin in Russia”, The City: Analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 24(3-4): 431-451

 2020                Paju, E., Näre, L., Haikkola, L., Krivonos, D. “Human capitalization in activation: investing in the bodies, selves and skills of unemployed youth in Finland”, European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 7(1): 7-28

 2019                Krivonos, D., Näre, L. “Imagining the ‘West’ in the context of global coloniality: the case of post-Soviet youth migration to Finland”, Sociology, 53(6): 1177-1193

 2019                “The making of gendered ‘migrant workers’ in youth activation: the case of young Russian-speakers in Finland”, Current Sociology, 67(3): 401-418

 2019                Kangas, A., Krivonos, D., Perheentupa, I., Särmä, S. “Smashing containers, Queering the international through collaging”, International Feminist Journal of Politics, 21(3): 355-382,

 2018                “Claims to whiteness: Young unemployed Russian-speakers’ de-classificatory struggles in Finland”, The Sociological Review, 66(6): 1145-1160

 2016                “And After That We All Became Like Brothers’: Emotions, Affectivity and Communication In a Pro-governmental Youth Movement In Russia”, Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 24(2): 102-117

 2015                “(Im)mobile Lives: Young Russian Women’s Narratives of Work-citizenship Insecurities in Finland”, Sosiologia, 52(4): 350-363


PhD Thesis

Migrations on the Edge of Whiteness: Young Russian-speaking migrants in Helsinki, Finland (University of Helsinki, 2019, Pass with Distinction) 


Book Chapters

2019                “Welfare Chauvinism at the Margins of Whiteness: Young Unemployed Russian-Speakers’ Negotiations of Worker-Citizenship in Finland”, in ed. by Toivanen M., Dis Skaptadottir U., Keskinen S. Cultural Homogeneity, Difference and Securitisation in the Nordic Region, Routledge, pp. 103-118


Publications in the Media

2020               Ukrainian farm workers and Finland’s regular army of labour, Anti-racist research network

2020                Interview for Iltasanomat, Ukrainian agricultural workers in Finland

2020                White nation and anti-racist lessons for feminism, Astra 4/2020

2020                The pursuit of Europeanness in East-West migrations, Liikkeessä Yli Rajojen Blog,

2020                Riippuvuuteen vietellyt [Seduced into Dependency, reflections on Alina Rudnitskaya’s “School of Seduction” Film] Ilmiö media

2019                Conversation on Global Capitalism, Colonialism and Borders between Nicholas De Genova, Olivia Maury and Daria Krivonos, Kontur Magazine, 7

2019                Introduction (with Olivia Maury), Kontur Magazine, 7

2019                Kuka kelpaa suomalaisille työmarkkinoille? [Who is suitable for the Finnish labour market?]

2018              “Whiteness as a privilege and a struggle”, Anti-racist research network





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Sociology, PhD (with distinction), Helsingfors universitet


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