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My research focuses on cloud and precipitation physics. We use remote sensing observations to capture microphysical processes that govern cloud and precipitation properties.

Our group carries out observations in Helsinki, by using the Kumpula radar, and in Hyytiälä. At the SMEAR-II station in Hyytiälä, we operate ACTRIS cloud remote sensing facility. These observations are supplemented by a comprehensive suite of surface-based precipitation sensors, which allows us to connect cloud processes and surface precipitation properties. In addition to cloud studies, this research facility is used for validation of satellite observations, i.e. NASA GPM and upcoming ESA EarthCARE.


  • ATM 354 Cloud Physics 
  • ATM 323 Advanced course in radar meteorology
  • ATM 324 Laboratory course in radar meteorology 
  • ATM 357 Atmospheric radiation
  • ATM 322 Meteorological observing systems 
  • PAP 314 Introduction to light scattering 


Present employment

  • 01/2021 --  Professor, INAR / Physics, University of Helsinki
  • 06/2011 --  Director of Radar Meteorology Group, University of Helsinki
  • 01/2011 --  Principle Investigator, University of Helsinki

Previous employment

  • 01/2016 --  12/2020 Associate Professor, INAR / Physics, University of Helsinki
  • 01/2013 --  12/2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki
  • 12/2007  -- 12/2012 University Researcher, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki
  • 12/2003 -- 12/2007  Research scientist, Colorado State University, USA
  • 11/2001 -- 11/2003  Post-doctoral fellow, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • 07/1997 -- 11/2001  Research assistant, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Utbildning information

2002 PhD-- Delft University of Technology, Radar Meteorology
1997 M.Sc.-- Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

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Finnish Meteorological Institute

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