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After reading books of Gerald Durell and Jean Henri Fabre in school, I got interested in entomology and completed my MSc and CSc on beetles associated with wood-decaying fungi in Lomonosov Moscow State University, supervised by Prof. R.D. Zhantiev, in 2000. Gradually I became interested in polypores, and in 2002 I continued studying fungus-beetle interactions in the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Doc. Tuomo Niemelä has supervised my work in the PUTTE research programme for deficiently known and threatened forest species, and my doctoral studies. I joined Prof. Ilkka Hanski and Prof. Otso Ovaskainen in the Metapopulation Research Group in January 2009 to explore mycelial interaction of wood-decaying fungi.

RESEARCH Ecological research of wood-decaying fungi is based mainly on the fruit body data, while mycelial interactions hidden inside the wood are poorly known and are seldom studied in situ. I aim to survey patterns and dynamics of mycelial distribution inside the wood, and ways of colonisation and competition between common and old-growth polypore species, and the role of beetles as vectors of fungi. High-throughput sequencing is used to measure the abundance and identify the mycelial DNA.

My second postdoc project in the Metapopulation Research Group “Colonization gates and establishment of wood-decaying fungi in European Spruce”, funded by the Academy of Finland 2012–2015, focuses on molecular ecology (metagenomics) of fungal communities in living and standing dead wood of spruce (Picea abies), and also applies the next-gen sequencing methods to study fungus-insect interactions in Finland. This study is a part of a larger project on the metacommunity dynamics of wood-decaying fungi, lead by Prof. Otso Ovaskainen. In addition, I collaborate with LUOMUS – Finnish Museum of Natural History as a taxonomy coordinator, working on the biodiversity and nomenclature database systems.

My research interests include mycology, molecular and community ecology, metagenomics, next-gen / high-throughput sequencing and molecular identification, dead wood, species interactions and successions, entomology, as well as host selection and fungivory in insects, in particular Coleoptera, wood-decaying fungi, databases, nature conservation, boreal, temperate, and montane ecosystems.

TEACHING Biodiversity in dead wood, Coordinator; Taxonomy and Biology of Polypores, Assistant; Saproxylic seminar, Chair; Conservation Biology in Fragmented Landscapes, Mentor; Forest microbiology and fungal biotechnology, Invited lecturer (University of Helsinki), Entomology field course (Moscow State University).


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