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I am a doctoral candidate in political history at the faculty of social sciences. My upcoming doctoral dissertation focuses on the history of education and Bildung as a part of the welfare state development. I am especially interested in the question of the societal roles and meanings given to education and Bildung, and the use of education and Bildung in attempts to develop and change the society. I have chosen to focus on the outlooks to education and Bildung within the labour movement. The studied actors are the Social Democratic Party of Finland and the Finnish Workers’ Educational Association, and their educational policies and activities are studied over a long period of time, 1900–1970. The Finnish case is analysed as a part of a broader Nordic context.

My research interests are welfare state history, history of education, conceptual history, labour history, history of ideas and workers' education.

Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Political history, MSSc, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 21 maj 2014


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