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Elina I. Hartikainen is an Academy Research Fellow at Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki (2019-2014). Her research examines the intersection of religion, politics, law, and race in Brazil through a focus on Afro-Brazilian religions. In her past and current research, she has explored this conjuncture through the analysis of the Candomblé religion’s practitioners’ activist engagements with Brazilian state projects of participatory democracy and multiculturalism in Salvador, Brazil. Her Academy of Finland funded research project “Secularism at the Intersection of Race and Religion: Afro-Brazilian Religions and the Prosecution of Religious Intolerance in 21stCentury Brazil” examines how the wide-spread adoption of “multicultural legal instruments” in Brazil has influenced efforts to prosecute acts of religious intolerance against Afro-Brazilian religions in the city of Rio de Janeiro in order to develop an anthropological understanding of the intersectional construction of religion and race in secular governance and law. Theoretically and methodologically, her research draws on a combination of socio-cultural and linguistic anthropological approaches to political and legal processes.

She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, and MAs in Anthropology from the University of Helsinki and Social Sciences and Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Previously, she was a Core Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2016-2019), and Earl S. Johnson Instructor in Anthropology in the University of Chicago’s Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (2013-2016).

She is the coordinator of the University of Helsinki Linguistic Anthropology Workshop, and an editor at Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society. 

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Anthropology, Ph.D., Univ Chicago


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Publikationer 2017 2019

Candomblé and the Academic's Tools: Religious Expertise and the Binds of Recognition in Brazil

Hartikainen, E. I., 14 maj 2019, I : American Anthropologist. 0, 0

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

Öppen tillgång

Evaluating faith after conversion: Arguments in religious media on the place of religious expertise in asylum appeals in Finland

Hartikainen, E., 28 okt 2019, I : Approaching Religion. 9, 1-2, s. 41-56 16 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

Öppen tillgång

A politics of respect: Reconfiguring democracy in Afro-Brazilian religious activism in Salvador, Brazil

Hartikainen, E. I., feb 2018, I : American Ethnologist. 45, 1, s. 87-99 13 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

Öppen tillgång

Editorial: on open access publishing

Graan, A., Hartikainen, E. I., Kallinen, T. P., Laakkonen, V., Tammisto, T. A. W., Tuominen, P. & Eräsaari, M. A., 1 aug 2018, I : Suomen Antropologi. 43, 1, s. 1-5 5 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragLedareVetenskaplig

Öppen tillgång

Chronotopic Realignments and the Shifting Semiotics and Politics of Visibility in Brazilian Candomblé Activism

Hartikainen, E., 2017, I : Signs and society. 5, 2, s. 356-389 34 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Elina Hartikainen (Medlem i organisationskommitté)
29 aug 201930 aug 2019

Aktivitet: Typer för deltagande i eller organisering av evenemangArrangemang av och deltagande i konferens/workshop/kurs/seminarium

Member of evaluation committee for doctoral defense

Elina Hartikainen (Handledare)
8 okt 2019

Aktivitet: ExaminationstyperMedlem i doktorsavhandlingskommitté

Making Participatory Democracy: Reconciling Deliberation and Hierarchy in an Afro-Brazilian Religious Meeting

Elina Hartikainen (!!Speaker)
18 okt 2018

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Oral presentation

Evaluating Faith After Conversion: The Place of Religious Expertise in Asylum Appeals in Finland

Elina Hartikainen (!!Speaker)
23 nov 2018

Aktivitet: Typer för tal eller presentation!!Oral presentation

Suomen Antropologinen Seura (Extern organisation)

Elina Hartikainen (Styrelsemedlem)
2018 → …

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