Elina Penttinen

Docent in Gender Stuides, Director of Gender Studies Master's programme

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PhD in Social Sciences, 2004 University of Tampere

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I am the Director of the Master's programme, University Lecturer and Docent in Gender Studies, University of Helsinki. 

My current research project that I lead “Incorporating Vulnerability: a non-fragmented approach to feminist research on violence” (funded by University of Helsinki 2016-2018) combines critical trans-gender theory and feminist research on gendered violence into the analysis of invisible and normalized forms of violence at the level of intimate relationships, institutional practices, and international war on terror. Dr. Julian Honkasalo and Dr. Susanna Hast are post-doctoral researchers and MA Ada Schwanck doctoral student in the project.

My second research project continues feminist research on violence in the context of organizations and work-life. This pilot project Emotional Abuse at Work (EAW) with Associate Professor Marjut Jyrkinen (WeAll project) produces a multifaceted analysis of the violences, violations and resilience at the workplace by building on feminist research on interpersonal and intimate violence, organizational studies and feminist security studies.

My international publication record represents wide expertise in the field of gender studies. Publication areas include key questions in gender studies such as; globalization and sex-trafficking; politics of gender-mainstreaming; ethical action competence and gender; compassionate witnessing as a method for feminist research on violence; and potential of posthumanism for feminist research on violence.

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Mindul Self Compassion (MSC)Teacher, Center for Mindfulness, Sweden

20 jan. 201611 juni 2016

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