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I am a postdoctoral researcher in Musicology, working currently on the Academy of Finland funded project "Moving Knowledge: The Changing Embodiments of Cultural Knowledge in Senegalese Sabar Performances". I study how cultural knowledge is embodied in dance and music, and how similar performative expressions are interpreted in different contexts.

I also lead the project "World Wide Women - Female Musicians Crossing Borders and Building Futures" that combines research and artistic work. The project studies and supports the agency of women in their own communities and in the globally connected music scenes, focusing in particular on transcultural phenomena and collaboration in music.

My current research builds on my doctoral thesis “Performing a Tradition in Music and Dance: Embodiment and Interaction in Sabar Dance Events” (2014), which I completed at the University of Tampere. Apart from my work on Senegalese dance and music, I have conducted research on African music and musicians in Finland as well as on the anti-racist activities of musicians.

Apart from my research topics, my teaching focuses on central themes of ethnomusicology: the research history and methodology of ethnomusicology, questions reltaed to ethnographic fieldwork and writing, the connections of dance and music and their research, and performance analysis.

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music studies, Doctor of Philosophy, Tampereen yliopisto

Tilldelningsdatum: 18 feb. 2015

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chair person, Suomen Etnomusikologinen seura

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board member, Maailman musiikin keskus ry

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