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My research interests revolve around the geographies of refugee aid, with particular attention to the role of infrastructures, logistics and labour, and the relation between humanitarianism and borders.

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Current research themes & projects: 

- The EU as a humanitarian-logistical actor (2022-2023)

- Humanitarian supply chains, cross-sector parternships and sustainaibility (Ekon. dr Peter Wallenbergs Stiftelse för Ekonomi och Teknik- funded project; with Diego Vega, Hanken Schoool of Economics; Ala Arvidsson, Chalmers University of Technology; Heidi Harlin, Hanken School of Economics, Kristjana Adalgeirsdottir, Hanken School of Economics, 2022-2025)

- Humanitarianism, labour and remote management technologies (with Nadine Hassouneh, 2019-2022)

- The politics of project management and project-based work in non-profit organizations (Kone-Foundation funded project, with Nadine Hassouneh, Tampere University, 2022-2025)

- Writing Europeanization (through aid & development) as violence (with Kolar Aparna and Daria Krivonos, 2022-2023)


Teaching (postgraduate):

Contemporary European Politics and Integration (Migration and Asylum)

Europe, Migration and Global Coloniality

The Social Life of Law: Migration, Security and Human Rights

Qualitative Research Methods (Ethnographic methods)

Doctoral students and thesis committee memberships:

Nora Fabritius 

Berfin Nur Osso

Miia J. Seppänen

Laura Sumari 

Floris Anton van Doorn




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Geography, PhD, University of Sussex

Tilldelningsdatum: 28 nov. 2014


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