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Elisa Pascucci's research focuses on two main areas: refugee political agency and political mobilization, and infrastructures and economies of humanitarianism and refuge. 


Selected publications (until June 2018, see 'Publications' for more recent outputs):

Pascucci, E. (2018) Seeking asylum in neoliberal Cairo: refugee protests and the securitization of humanitarianism. In Gerard, A. and Vecchio, F. (eds) Entrapping Asylum Seekers: Legal Social and Economic Precariousness. Sidney: Palgrave MacMillan, 83-105.

Pascucci, E. (2017) The humanitarian infrastructure and the question of over-research: reflections on fieldwork in the Middle Eastern refugee crises 2011-2015. Area

Häkli, J., Pascucci, E., Kallio, K. P. (2017). Becoming refugee in Cairo: The political in performativity International Political Sociology

Ramadan, A., Pascucci, E. (2017) Urban Geopolitics of Refuge. In Rokem, J., Fregonese, S., (eds) Interventions in urban geopolitics. Political Geography 61, 253-262

Pascucci, E. (2017) Community infrastructures: shelter, self-reliance and polymorphic borders in urban refugee governance. Territory, Politics, Governance 5 (3), 332-345

Pascucci, E. (2017) Review of 'Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System', by Betts, A. and Collier, P. Fennia - International Journal of Geography 195(2): 197-201 hhtps://    

Pascucci, E. (2016) Transnational disruptions: materialities and temporalities of transnational citizenship among Somali refugees in Cairo. Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs.

Kangas, A., Kynsilehto A., Norocel O. C., Pascucci E., Särmä S., Weaver C. (2015). Let’s not internationalize but postnationalize universities. Politiikasta  


Geographies of humanitarian labour

Humanitarianism and precarity

Humanitarian architectures, humanitarian logistics and the politics of sustainability

Refugee labour and refugee knowledges in the modern international humanitarian regime, with particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa, and the broader Mediterranean.

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Geography, PhD, University of Sussex


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Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.

Publikationer 2018 2019

The local labour building the international community: Precarious work within humanitarian spaces

Pascucci, E., 2018, I : Environment and Planning A. 51, 3, s. 743-760 18 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Refugees in the IT sector: Young Syrians' economic subjectivities and familial lives in Jordan

Pascucci, E., 2019, I : Geographical Review. 109, 4, s. 580-597 18 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Refugeeness as political subjectivity: Experiencing the humanitarian border

Kallio, K. P., Häkli, J. & Pascucci, E., 3 jan 2019, I : Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space . 19 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review


Urban protest camps in Egypt: the occupation, (re)creation and destruction of alternative political worlds

Pascucci, E. & Ramadan, A., dec 2018, Camps Revisited : Multifaceted Spatialities of a Modern Political Technology. Katz, I., Martin, D. & Minca, C. (red.). London: Rowman & Littlefield International, (Geopolitical Bodies, Material Worlds).

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As a donor, the EU should not ignore the protection needs of Syrian aid workers

Hassouneh, N. & Pascucci, E., 21 okt 2019, I :

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Aktiviteter 2018 2019

Nadine Hassouneh

Elisa Pascucci (Värd)
10 aug 2019

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Refugee Shelter in a Logistical World: Designing Humanitarian Goods for Supply Chain Humanitarianism

Elisa Pascucci (!!Speaker)
28 nov 2019

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Pohjois-Syyrian konflikti: solidaarisuus ja mahdollisuudet rauhan

Elisa Pascucci (Talare: Presentation)
29 okt 2019

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Saving refugees, profitably? Solidarity in an era of humanitarian-business partnerships

Elisa Pascucci (!!Speaker)
14 nov 2019

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