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Between 2017 and 2022 I was Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland. Affiliated to the Faculty of Law, my current project aims at explaining the influence of debt relations in concrete legal and institutional developments during the process of EU integration. As a natural follow-up, I have developed an interest for the study of the constitutional theory and democratic potential of money. Previously, my research focused on the constitutional and institutional implications of the economic crisis for the European Union. In addition to European governance issues and EU law and institutions, further research interests of mine are the constitutionalisation of the EU, the development of EU administrative law and the free movement of capital regime.


Since my arrival to the University of Helsinki in May 2010, I have taught several courses. From 2014 in the spring term I teach the course "Economic and Monetary Union: Historical, Legal and Economic Approaches to the European Common Currency" (until 2018 together with Klaus Tuori). Since 2021 I also teach this course at the University of Eastern Finland. On top of that, during the course 2014-2015, together with Sabine Frerichs and Suvi Sankari, we taught a Project Seminar entitled "European Integration After the Crisis". Previously I taught the course "Foundations of EU Law" (in 2011 with Massimo Fichera; in 2012 with Samuli Miettinen; in 2013 with Katri Havu, Emilia Korkea-aho and Suvi Sankari; and in 2015 with a roster of teachers led by Samuli Miettinen) and courses on "The relationship between national courts and the European Court of Justice" (spring 2011, 2012 and 2013) and on the "Institutional consequences of diversity and coherence in the European Union" (autumn 2010).

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I obtained my PhD degree in European Studies from the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) with a thesis dealing with governance and democratic legitimacy in the EU context (awarded as Best thesis on Political Sciences and Sociology of 2009 by the Spanish Congress). Previously I was affiliated at the University of León, where I worked for two European-scale research projects: 'RECON - Reconstituting Democracy in Europe' and 'Building European Union's Social Constituency'. I studied Community Law at the Universidad San Pablo-CEU (Madrid) and Universidad Complutense (Madrid), and I also hold a 'DESUP en Études juridiques, politiques et économiques de l’Union Européenne' from Université Paris I – Pantéon Sorbonne.


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