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To build with wood or not to build? Citizen views on wood as a construction material

Miilumäki, N., Franzini, F., Lähtinen, K., Nyrud, A. Q., Widmark, C., Roos, A., Hoen, H. F. & Toppinen, A., 11 sep 2019, (!!Unpublished) Proceedings of 14th Corporate Responsibility Research Conference: Rethinking Value Creation for Sustainability. 12 s.

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Why Not Wood? Benefits and Barriers of Wood as a Multistory Construction Material: Perceptions of Municipal Civil Servants from Finland

Franzini, F., Toivonen, R. & Toppinen, A., 13 nov 2018, I : Buildings. 8, 11, 15 s., 159.

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Wooden Multistory Construction in Finland: Perceptions from Municipal Civil Servants on the Benefits of Wood and Barriers to Project Implementation

Franzini, F., Toppinen, A. & Toivonen, R. M., 5 nov 2018, Proceedings of the 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention: Era of a Sustainable World – Tradition and Innovation for Wood Science and Technology. Nagoya, Japan: Society of Wood Science and Technology, s. 211-218 8 s.

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