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Francesca Di Garbo

Docent in General Linguistics, PhD, Linguistics


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My research interests lie in the worldwide distribution and evolution of linguistic diversity. I'm particularly interested in unraveling the mechanisms whereby domains of language structure may vary and change in response to the social and natural environment in which languages are used and transmitted.

My research has so far focused on the diversity and evolution of different domains of nominal morphosyntax such as nominal classification (with a specific focus on grammatical gender systems), number systems, and evaluative morphology. I have studied these grammatical phenomena both worldwide and with a focus on African languages, via qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. At the University of Helsinki, I am part of the research team of the ERC-funded project GramAdapt, led by Kaius Sinnemäki.

My teaching experience includes BA and MA level courses in linguistic theories and methodologies, linguistic typology, and sociolinguistics.

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Docent (Adjunct Professor), Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University

Tilldelningsdatum: 11 juni 2020


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