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Giacomo received his PhD in Comparative Studies 2003 from the IULM University Milano and he is an adjunct professor (Title of Docent) in Urban Studies at the University of Helsinki and in Music Research at the University of Tampere.

He published widely about urban cultures, music cities, place-making, the night-time economy and urban branding. He has lectured in various institutions of higher education across Europe. He is an excellent public speaker and was invited to several international conferences and business events.

He is currently employed as a project manager and teacher at the Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning where he is responsible for the Digiloikka (digital leap) project implementation and as a responsible teacher for several courses and the Master's seminar.



  • 520 Övriga samhällsvetenskaper
  • 1171 Geovetenskaper
  • 6131 Teater, dans, musik, övrig scenkonst
  • 5142 Social- och samhällspolitik

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