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I work currently as university lecturer in social work at University of Helsinki and postdoctoral researcher at Åbo Akademi. I am involved as a researcher in the following research projects: MigraFam - Ordering the migrant family: Power asymmetries and citizenisation in restructuring welfare bureaucracies (2017–2023); SOSKIELI - Language diversity and vulnerability in social work in the era of digitalisation (2021–2023); Interpreting in Social Services - Professional expertise in the multilingual landscape of welfare service work (2021–2022). In my dissertation (2016), I studied Latin American women’s transnational migration in Spain from the perspectives of transnational family relations, intersectionality, (in)visibility, belonging, and time. In have taught qualitative research methods and research ethics at Bachelor's and Master's levels. During the academic year 2022–23, I teach the following courses: Knowledge and conceptions of knowledge in social work; Master's seminar.


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  • Latinamerikastudier
  • Migrationsforskning
  • Postkoloniala studier
  • Intersektionalitet

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