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I work currently as university lecturer in social work at the University of Helsinki and researcher at Åbo Akademi University. I am involved as a researcher in the following research projects: REjustice - Nordic research environment on language, justice and the welfare state (2023-2026); MigraFam - Ordering the migrant family: Power asymmetries and citizenisation in restructuring welfare bureaucracies (2017–2023); SOSKIELI - Language diversity and vulnerability in social work in the era of digitalisation (2021–2023). I am affiliated with the MICA research group in the Center of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care at the University of Helsinki.

I have researched social work with migrant families and linguistic diversity in social services in Finland, and the transnational migration of Latin American women in Mexico and Spain. I have written for example on the role of public service interpreters in social services, transnational care and family relations, transnational daughtering, research ethics, and worked with concepts such as intersectionality, (in)visibility, belonging, and time.

During the academic year 2023–24, I teach the following courses: Knowledge and knowledge production in social work, and Master's seminar. I am also a supervising teacher in social work in the Bachelor's Programme in Social Research. I supervise theses on all levels. 


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