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I’m specialized in genetic criticism, study of literary manuscripts and connections between folklore and literature. In my postdoctoral study I analysed the relationship of Otto Manninen’s (1872−1950) poetry and Finnish rhymed folksongs. This study combined methodology of genetic criticism, metrical studies and folkloristics. I defended my doctoral thesis Säkeiden synty. Geneettinen tutkimus Otto Mannisen runokäsikirjoituksista (Birth of Verses. Genetic Study of the Poetry Manuscripts of Otto Manninen) in 2012, where I studied the writing processes of Otto Manninen’s poems: (

Currently I work in a project that studies the genres of the Kalevala. I’m also a member of prof. Lotte Tarkka's Academy of Finland research project MuMOC: The Muted Muses of Oral Culture. Ideology, transnationalism and silenced sources in the making of national heritages and literatures and a member of Sakari Katajamäki’s research project on the archival traces of translations. 

I have also worked during 2016−2017 as a researcher in Finnish Literature Society’s unit, Edith – Critical Editions of Finnish Literature, with Aleksis Kivi’s novel Seitsemän veljestä (Seven brothers). I have also thought the course Archives and literary research (2006−2017) and the course Critical editing (2017−2019). I'm a co-writer of Tekstuaalitieteiden sanasto (Glossary of Textual Studies, 2010):

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Researcher, Finnish Literature Society, Critical Editions of Finnish Literature

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