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Heikki J. Koskinen

PhD, Docent of Theoretical Philosophy

  • PL 4 (Vuorikatu 3)



1996 …2023

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My research has focused on contemporary recognition theory (social / political philosophy), ontology, naturalism, and the nature of philosophical knowledge.

I have taught courses on recognition theory, philosophy of science, and ontology at various universities.

My current interests are focused on historical and systematic studies of blues music as a cultural phenomenon. Of special interest to me is the early acoustic country blues, and the transformations of recognition (in terms of aesthetics and power-relations) that occurred during the blues revival of the 1960s.

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I received my doctoral degree in theoretical philosophy at the University of Helsinki, where I also completed advanced studies in cognitive science. I have held research and teaching positions at the University of Helsinki, Academy of Finland, and University of Tampere for over two decades.

I have worked as a science adviser at the Academy of Finland. In my current position I work as a Senior Advisor at the University of Helsinki's Research Services, where I support the research management of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


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