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I am a scholar of religion and PhD since April 2015.

My broad research interests include lived religion; religion, gender, age, class, and ethnicity; religion and social power; and religion in modernizing, modern and late-modern Finland. Theoretically, I am inspired by practice theory, feminist theory, social memory research, and ethnographic methodologies. Heretofore, my research has mostly concerned the Orthodox Christian minority in Finland. In my doctoral dissertation I examined the lived religion of elderly Finnish Orthodox Christian Women in relation to the evolving sociohistorical context of 20th and 21st Century Finland and in light of Pierre Bourdieu’s social theory.

Currently, I am employed as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Cultures of the Faculty of Humanities. My postdoctoral project Conversion to Orthodox Christianity and Class Culture among Finnish Cultural Professionals is funded by the Academy of Finland (2019-2022). I am also a member of the Academy of Finland research project Learning from New Religion and Spirituality (2019-2023), University of Turku.

In 2018, I held a temporary position as a University Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology. Between 2014 and 2017 I participated in the Academy of Finland research project Embodied Religion: Changing Meanings of Body and Gender in Contemporary Forms of Religious Identity in Finland (2013-2017).

I the course of my university career, I have taught courses on gender and religion, sociology of religion, and fieldwork methodology.


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