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In 2024 I have started as a university researcher in a project: "Designing Inclusive & Trustworthy Digital Public Services for Migrants in Finland (Trust-M)".

In 2021-2023 I worked in an interdisciplinary research project "Data Literacy for Responsible Decision-Making (DATALIT)". The starting point of the still ongoing project is the idea that data literacy consists of understanding what data is and the key socio-legal-technical issues related to it. This is a basis for ethical and evidence-based decision-making. In this project, we analyse the key ethical concepts – like privacy – in different technical, social, and legal contexts and explore how public authorities can employ data in socially sustainable ways.

In 2020 I worked as a post doc researcher  in the project “Data driven society in the making” at the University of Eastern Finland. The project studied implementation of data-driven practices, learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in health care and social services.

My PhD-project, completed in 2019, provides knowledge of the ways how biomedical research, and thus knowledge production, is reorganized through biobanks. I have asked: What kind of knowledge production do biobanks promote and how. I have paid attention to the different ways biobank samples are seen to matter for biomedical research and development: first, through their “high quality”, second, through their “Finnishness” and third, through the expected realization of translational medicine.

My other recent projects have been “Good(s) for Health – Personalized health services and flexible appropriation of bioinformation”. In this project I concentrated on the novel objects of biomedicine and biomedical innovation and collaborative science.



I am qualified teacher and during the past years I have been teaching sociology and STS for both doctoral and master's students as well as bachelor's students. I have also taught at the Open University of the University of Helsinki. Over the years I have also been responsible for course coordination, literature seminars, and served as visiting lecturer in sociology.


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Sociology, Title of Docent, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 17 jan. 2024

Sociology, Doctor of Social Sciences, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 23 maj 2019

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Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

1 jan. 202031 dec. 2020


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