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I am a visiting researcher at the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS), University of Helsinki. Trained as a political historian I have studied political and economic thought in Finland and Sweden, especially the ideas of applying democracy to the economy and working life. I have published articles on Nordic liberalism, social democracy and industrial relations and on the theory and methodology of historiography in journals such as Contemporary European History, Contributions to the History of Concepts and Scandinavian Journal of History.

I am currently affiliated with two research projects: Neoliberalism in the Nordics led by Professor Jenny Andersson at Uppsala University and funded by Riksbankens Jublieumsfond, and Neoliberalisation of Nordic Democracy, led by Professor Johan Strang at CENS and funded by the Academy of Finland. 

My research interests include:

  • intellectual and conceptual history
  • history of political ideologies
  • history and theory of democracy
  • history of economics and economic policy
  • history of working life and labour market relations
  • theory and methodology of historiography
  • history of the Nordic countries

I have taught undergraduate courses in political history as well as European and Nordic studies and given lectures on democracy and labour market relations in the Nordic countries.


  • 6160 Övriga humanistiska vetenskaper
  • 5201 Politisk historia

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