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Ilmari Eerikki Määttänen

Master of science, PhD

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My most recent main research topic has been the Finnish concept of sisu, which describes perseverance against overwhealming odds. Sisu has been studied in my own small reasearch group in Academy of Finland-funded Sisu at Work and EURA/ESR-funded Sisu in working life-projects.

My other postdoctoral research has included studying the relationships of physiological stress-reactivity, psychological background variables and affects as well as performance. These were studied especially in the Tekes-funded PASTIME-project. The goal has been to maintain links to applied research. Methods have included laboratory research and mobile measurement and self-report devices (mobile stress measurement,. Side projects include research topics that are relevant in terms of evolutionary psychology and psychoneuroendocrinology.

Teaching has included, besides lecturing in courses, supervision of master's theses and mentoring research apprenticeships.

The topic my PhD thesis was stress and long QT-syndrome. The stress reactivity of LQTS patients was tested with psychometric tests (temperament, personality, work stress). Outside the thesis, the LQTS patients' stress reactivity was also studied in a stress laboratory.

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