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My research interests draw from 1. social studies of law, science and technology, 2. sociology of insurance, and 3. sociologies of medicine/health and illness.

The current project is on the interaction of medicine and insurance in varied institutional contexts of dispute resolution.

Additional on-going projects include a case study in legal reasoning and study of medical-scientific networks, involving network analysis and computational methods and expertise.

My dissertation (2020) handled medical expertise in Helsinki District court from the perspective of science and technology studies, with emphasis on judges' evaluation of evidence, advanced MRI technology, and clinical practice guidelines in court.

I have teached and coordinated an annual post graduate course on science, expertise and society.


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Sociology, Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 sep. 2020

Political science, M.Soc.Sc

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 juli 2008


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