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My current work spans two topical areas:

1. Algorithmic governance and transparency (faculty of law); Ethical framing and conceptualization of the emerging data economy (faculty of social sciences).

2. Insurance medicine, funded by a recent personal postdoctoral grant from Kone foundation. The project examines the practices and rationale of combining medical ethics and right-to-benefits -thinking in the specified field.

My dissertation (2020) handled medical expertise in Helsinki District court from the perspective of science and technology studies, with emphasis on judges' evaluation of evidence, advanced MRI technology, and clinical practice guidelines in court.

I teach and coordinate an annual doctoral studies -level course on science, expertise and society.

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Sociology, Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 sep. 2020

Political science, M.Soc.Sc

Tilldelningsdatum: 30 juli 2008


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