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    00790 Helsinki


1995 …2024

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I am an adjunct professor in palaeoecology and I am interested in a broad range of research questions related to environmental change (see my list of publications). I am mainly using diatoms as indicators of past and present environmental change with the main focus on Subarctic/Arctic environments, especially lakes. I have earned my master's degree in physical geography and defended my doctoral thesis in hydrobiology.  I have worked in many international and national projects such as CHILL-10,000 and EDDI (funded by EU), (HOARD) and CLIM-ECO (funded by the Academy of Finland), REBECCA (funded by HERC), "Long term changes in lake ice conditions in northern Finland" (funded by the Kone Foundation), and MESS (founded by the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation). Currently I am a University Researcher at the University of Helsinki and I am involved in the project “Carbon dynamics across Arctic landscape gradients: past, present and future” funded by the Academy of Finland. In addition, I am responsible for forensic diatom analysis coordinated by the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL).


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