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My research as a doctoral student was on the nitrogen-fixing symbiosis between the rhizobium Neorhizobium galegae and its host plant species Galega orientalis and Galega officinalis. Making use of molecular biology, genome sequencing and comparative genomics, I studied symbiosis-related genes important for nitrogen fixation in N. galegae strains.

During postdoc projects I have been involved in bioinformatic analyses of fungal and plant genomes. More specifically, genome and transcriptome assembly and annotation of the plant pathogen Podosphaera plantaginis; annotation of the Melitaea cinxia genome; genome and transcriptome assembly and gene co-expression network analysis of the ornamental plant Gerbera hybrida. Currently, I am working with bioinformatics in the Fungco research group led by Dr. Taina Lundell, focusing on wood-decaying forest fungi.


  • 11832 Mikrobiologi och virologi
  • 11831 Växtbiologi

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