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1. Personal details and date of CV

  • Name: Kontkanen, Jenni Salla Sofia
  • Date of CV: 24.9.2020

2. Degrees

  • Title of Docent in atmospheric sciences,University of Helsinki, 24.9.2020.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, 21.12.2016.
    Major: physics (grade: 5/5). Thesis: On the formation and growth of sub-3 nm atmospheric particles and molecular clusters (grade: pass with distinction)
  • Master of Science, University of Helsinki, 31.8.2012.                                             
    Major: meteorology (grade: 5/5). Master’s thesis: The concentrations of sub-2 nm neutral clusters in Hyytiälä (grade: 7/7)
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Helsinki, 22.6.2011.Major: meteorology (grade: 5/5). Bachelor’s thesis: The diurnal and seasonal variation of aerosol particles and meteorological conditions at a mountain site in Venezuela (grade: 5/5)

3. Current employment

  • Current position: Postdoctoral researcher
  • Employer: Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), University of Helsinki
  • Start date of employment: 1.1.2018

4. Previous work experience

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University: 1.2.2017–31.12.2017
  • Doctoral student, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki: 1.9.2012–31.1.2017
  • Research assistant, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki: 1.5.2010–31.8.2012

5. Research funding and grants

  • Principal investigator, Academy of Finland post-doctoral researcher funding (243 555 e) for 1.9.2018–31.8.2021. Project title: Towards cleaner air: Understanding secondary particle formation in urban environments by using multi-scale modeling.
  • Principal investigator, University of Helsinki funded doctoral student position in Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences, 31.1.2013–31.1.2017.

6. Research supervision and leadership experience

  • Supervisor of 1 postdoctoral researcher
  • Supervisorof 5 PhD students (4 ongoing, principal supervisor for 2).
  • Supervisor of 2 Master’s students (principal supervisor for 1).
  • Supervisor of 4 Bachelor’s students (principal supervisor for 1).
  • Leader of the research group ‘Atmospheric aerosols and ions’ at INAR during 1.5.2019–31.12.2019 (parental leave substitute).

7. Teaching merits

  • Responsible teacher of the course Aerosol physics II (5 ECTS) at University of Helsinki in 2018–2020.
  • Lecturer in the intensive courses organized at University of Helsinki: “Summer School 2016 -Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols”, 08/2016, “Hyytiälä Winter School 2018 - Atmospheric Processes and Feedbacks and Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions”, 03/2018, and “Summer School 2018 -Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols”, 08/2018.
  • Pedagogical training: UP1: Learning in Higher Education (5 ECTS, 2019), UP2: Constructive Alignment in Course Design (5 ECTS, 2020).

8. Awards and honours

  • PhD thesis award of Doctoral School of Natural Sciences (University of Helsinki), 2017.
  • Finnish Association for Aerosol Research award for “Outstanding work in atmospheric nucleation research”, 2017.
  • Best Student Oral Presentation award in NOSA Aerosol Symposium in 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden).

9. Other key academic merits

  • Board member: Nordic Society for Aerosol Research (NOSA) board (01/2020 – ), NOSA early career scientist board (03/2018 – 12/2019).
  • Working group co-chair: European Aerosol Assembly (EAA) WG: Atmospheric aerosol studies, (09/2019 – ).
  • Referee for scientific journals: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, Science of the Total Environment, Atmospheric research, Atmosphere, Atmospheric pollution research.
  • Editor-in-chief: Report Series in Aerosol Science of Finnish Association for Aerosol Research (02/2013–02/2016).
  • Editorial board member: Ilmansuojelunlehti (a magazine of Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society).
  • Member of organizing committees for scientific conferences: 20th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (Helsinki, 06/2017), 20th Air Ions, Clusters and Atmospheric Aerosols Workshop (Hyytiälä, 08/2016), 17th Finnish-Estonian Air Ion and Aerosol Workshop (Hyytiälä, 06/2013).

10. Scientific and societal impact of research

  • Participation in international meetings:Participated in total 22 international meetings and given 12 oral presentations and 10 poster presentations.  A session chair in 8 international meetings.
  • Other publications: 1 article in Ilmansuojelunlehti (a magazine of Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society).


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