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Current position: Research coordinator at Tvärminne Zoological Station (TZS), University of Helsinki, started 1.10.2011.


Academic qualifications

2018    Docent in marine biology, University of Helsinki

2005    PhD (Biological Sciences), The University of Auckland, New Zealand

2000    Enrolled for PhD-studies at Institute of Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

1998    MSc (Environmental Biology), Åbo Akademi University, Finland (advisor: Prof. Erik Bonsdorff; passed with distinction)

1993    Enrolled at the Department of Biology, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

1993    Matriculation examination, Kimitoöns Gymnasium, Finland (6 L)



Previous research experience & qualifications

  • Scientist (post doc), Environmental and Marine Biology, Department of Biosciences, Åbo Akademi University, January 2010 – September 2011.

  • Scientist (post doc) at Finnish Institute of Marine Research, May-July 2005 and October 2005 – December 2009.

  • PhD research at National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and The University of Auckland, New Zealand, March 2000 – June 2003, and at Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden, June 2003 – February 2005.

  • Technical assistant (benthic ecology), National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand, October 1998 – July 1999, and December 1999 – February 2000.

  • Volunteer technical assistant (benthic ecology), National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand, April-September 1998.

  • Research assistant in the project “EU Life Algae”, funded by the European Union, Husö Biological Station, Finland, July-September 1997.

  • Field and laboratory assistant, Husö Biological Station, Finland, July-August 1995.



Supervision of students

  • Supervisor for PhD-thesis, Anna Jansson, Åbo Akademi University: Ocean acidification in the Baltic Sea – implications for the bivalve Macoma balthica (finished April 2017)

  • Supervisor for PhD-thesis, Laura Kauppi, University of Helsinki: Ecology and ecosystem effects of the invasive polychaete Marenzelleria spp. in the northern Baltic Sea (finished March 2018)

  • Supervisor for PhD-thesis, Johanna Gammal, University of Helsinki: Heterogeneity of benthic fauna communities and ecosystem function relationships in the coastal zone (started January 2014)

  • Co-supervisor for PhD-thesis, Sara Enberg, University of Helsinki: Natural succession of microalgal communities during the cold-water season and the impact of increased solar radiation on the sea ice algae (finished September 2017)

  • Co-supervisor for PhD-thesis, Caroline Raymond, University of Stockholm: Succession and ecological functions in marine sediment macrofauna communities (started October 2012; half-time position)

  • Supervisor for MSc-thesis, Johanna Gammal, Åbo Akademi University: Links between benthic fauna, sediment type and nutrient fluxes, and the influence of hypoxia on these links (finished in March 2012)

  • Supervisor for MSc-thesis, Anna Ahlnäs, Åbo Akademi University: Natural diurnal and seasonal variations in pH in coastal habitats (finished in May 2015)

  • Supervisor for MSc-thesis, Pirita Anttila, University of Helsinki: The effects of heavy metal pollution on sediment macrofaunal community (started in April 2017)


  • Member of the thesis committee for PhD students Dana Helleman, University of Helsinki (2014 - ), Ines Bartl, University of Rostock (2014-2017), Jaqueline Jerney, University of Helsinki (2015 - ), Laura Kaikkonen (2017 - ), Roxana Preston (2018 - ).


  • Member of the evaluation committee for PhD dissertations; Johan Näslund, Stockholm University (2010): The importance of biodiversity for ecosystem processes in marine sediments. Josefin Sagerman, Stockholm University (2015): Marine seaweed invasions. Impacts and biotic resistance in native ecosystems. Nolwenn Quillien, Åbo Akademi University (2016): Dynamic ecosystems under anthropogenic stress – how does macrotidal sandy beach fauna respond to green tides?



    Administration, outreach and other activities

    Current commissions of trust. Increasingly, I am involved in the development of national as well as European marine research networks, which also includes infrastructure networks.

  • FINMARI (Finnish marine infrastructure network) management group

  • Coordinator of the Finnish efforts (on behalf of University of Helsinki, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University) towards membership in EMBRC, European Marine Biology Research Centre (a distributed research infrastructure on the ESFRI roadmap)

  • Member of the core team in the strategic collaboration between the University of Helsinki (TZS) and Stockholm University (Baltic Sea Centre)

  • EuroMarine General Assembly (substitute)


    Outreach. At TZS, I have an important role in outreach, information and media contacts. I am responsible for the station’s webpage (launched in December 2016), providing information for researchers and students coming to do science at the station, students attending courses, information for potential collaborators and sponsors, and outreach to the general public. I am also responsible for the TZS Facebook page and the development of an online data portal for a project called MONICOAST (launched in spring 2017).



Editorial and reviewer assignments for international journals and funding agencies

Editor: Member of editorial board of ICES Journal of Marine Science (2015 - )


I review extensively for a number of international journals (15-25 reviews per year) including reviews for the following journals: Marine Ecology Progress Series · Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology · Marine Biology · Oecologia · Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science · Hydrobiologia · Journal of Sea Research · New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research · Global Change Biology · International Journal of Molecular Sciences · Aquatic Biology · Polar Biology · Boreal Environment Research · Journal of Plankton Research · Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom · Fisheries Research · PLoS ONE · Marine Environmental Research · Environmental Science & Technology · Estuaries and Coasts · Biogeochemistry · Philosophical Transactions B · Ecological Monographs · Journal of Shellfish Research · Nature Scientific Reports · Regional Studies in Marine Science · Limnology and Oceanography · Journal of Limnology · Oceanologia · Management of Biological Invasions · Ecological Indicators · Methods in Ecology and Evolution (32 journals)


Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing 2012 - Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology


Funding agencies: Danish Centre for Marine Research (2015), EuroMarine (2015, 2016, 2017)



Scholarships & awards obtained since 2007:

2007    Post doctoral fellowship, Academy of Finland (3 years) 180 000 €

2007    Grant for analysing stable isotopes in historical material, Koneen Säätiö, 48 400 €

2011    ASSEMBLE grant for research visit to Kristineberg, Sweden (5 days of shiptime on R/V Skagerrak, no exact sum)

2013    Three year grant from the University of Helsinki to study the ecology and ecosystem impacts of the invasive polychaete Marenzelleria, 142 000 €

2015    European Marine Biology Resource Centre preparatory phase 2 (Call: H2020-INFRADEV-1-2015-2), Principal investigator, 12 months, 32 750 €

2017    ASSEMBLE Plus - Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded (Call: H2020-INFRAIA-2016-1), Principal investigator, 4 years, 368 000 €


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