Johanna Isosävi

Title of Docent of French language, PhD

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I am Docent of French language and PhD. I work as a researcher, teacher and science communicator. I am currently working as a University Lecturer of French at the University of Helsinki yliopistossa (2020–23).

My research areas are politeness, address forms and inclusive language use. My studies are often contrastive (French/Finnish). In my research project funded by Kone Foundation, I examined Finnish and French politeness (2017–19). In my doctoral thesis, I studied address forms in French films and their translations in Finnish subtitles (2010). I have edited wit Hanna Lappalainen kanssa the book Saako sinutella vai täytyykö teititellä? Tutkimuksia eurooppalaisten kielten puhuttelukäytännöistä (2015, SKS). My research articles have been published in respected international journals (e.g. Journal of PragmaticsJournal of Politeness Research and Contrastive Pragmatics). 

I have written with Camilla Lindholm a guide to social writing (Yhteisöllisen kirjoittamisen opas, 2023, Art House) and a guide to the academic career after the PhD (Väitöksen jälkeen: opas akateemiselle uralle, 2021, Art House). My areas of interest are academic writing and especially social writing. We have given with Lindholm keynotes and workshops for doctoral students on academic career and writing in different universities.

I have served many years as a University Lecturer in universities of Helsinki and Turku. I have taught about 30 different courses of university level. Currently, I teach for instance French grammar and scientific writing. I direct masters' thesis and serve as their second examiner. I completed 60 credits of Teachers' pedagogical studies oriented towards adult education and 40 credits of Advanced studies in education (especially in subject didactics of foreign languages) at the University of Helsinki. 

I am an active science communicator. I have given interviews about my research in television, radio and journals. I write a blog (in Finnish), I release my own podcast Ranskaa raakana! and communicate in social media, such as Twitter (@johannaisosavi). I have also released with Camilla Lindholm the podcast Väitöksen jälkeen with 12 episodes.

Information om forskning och undervisning

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Title of Docent of French Language, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 7 jan. 2020

French philology, PhD

Tilldelningsdatum: 9 mars 2010


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