Johanna Isosävi

Title of Docent of French language, PhD

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I am a researcher of French (Title of Docent of French language, and PhD), a teacher and a science communicator.   

I work as a Unversity Lecturer of French at the University of Helsinki (2020–23).

I worked as a visiting scholar in the research community ICAR, at École normale supérieure in Lyon (France) for three months (January–March 2020), with a grant from the Maija Lehtonen fund (The Fund of Arts, University of Helsinki). I examined politeness in authentic interactions between Finnish- and French-speaking interactants. My data were recorded in Helsinki, Lyon and Paris (2016–17), especially during my four-month research visit to ICAR, Lyon, in the autumn of 2017. This study builds upon my postdoctoral project (2017–19) Finnish and French politeness, funded by the Kone Foundation, where I examined cultural outsiders’ perceptions of Finnish and French (im)politeness in focus group discussions. In addition to intercultural (im)politeness, I have studied for example French address forms in different types of data (e.g. films, Starbucks), and verbal violence in Internet discussions.

I am an active science communicator. I have given interviews about my research in television, radio and journals. I write a blog (in Finnish), release my own podcast Raw French (in Finnish) and communicate in social media, for example in Twitter (@johannaisosavi).  

I worked as a University Lecturer of French in the universities of Helsinki and Turku 2012–16. I have taught more than 20 courses in BA and MA levels in the areas of language and translation. My areas of speciality are EU translation and authorised translation. Furthermore, I served as a tutor teacher and a second examiner of MA theses. I have a long experience in developing and coordinating working life orientation courses at the University of Helsinki. I am a qualified teacher. I completed 60 credits of Teachers’ pedagogical studies oriented towards adult education and also 40 credits of Advanced studies in education (especially in subject didactics of foreign languages) at the University of Helsinki.  

Information om forskning och undervisning

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Title of Docent of French Language, Helsingfors universitet

Tilldelningsdatum: 7 jan 2020

French philology, PhD

Tilldelningsdatum: 9 mar 2010


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