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  • PL 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a) , B121



  • PL 64 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2)




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My main research interests comprise Early Earth evolution including Earth processes (tectonics, geodynamics) and deformation of Earth (supercycles). I am currently a PI in two international initiatives. One is focused on trying to understand Earth evolution in deep-time and the emergence of life, and the other involves Fingerprinting Earth resources with innovative next generation plate reconstructions, using paleomagnetism and potential field data for 4D reconstructions, as well as machine learning with topical big data science.

My collaborative multidisciplinary research is also addressing applied research topics like the use of magnetic minerals as an environmental proxy on different timescales, impact of anthropogenic activities on environment, and the role of magnetic particles in human health (i.e., geohealth). 


Supervision of PhD projects (*) main supervisor

Joonas Wasiljeff (2017–) Enigmatic Oligocene: From dust particles to environmental reconstructions

Toni Luoto* (2018–) Supercontinent cyclicity - paleomagnetic and geodynamic constraints

Sonja Silvennoinen* (2022–) Developing an environmental magnetic proxy for hypoxia – Reconstructing Holocene redox conditions in Baltic sea littoral zone

N.N.* Funding from K.H. Renlud foundation for N.N (2022–) Tracing critical minerals in Fennoscandia with next-generation paleogeographical reconstructions and big data science (recruitment ongoing)



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