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John A. Allen

07 February 2022


Personal Information


Urheilukatu 11 as 6 05800 Hyvinkää








[email protected]






University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland


PhD researcher, Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme (EcoEnv), DENVI doctoral programme, Urban ecosystems research group


I have developed and am implementing a study to examine the biogeochemical impacts of domestic dogs in urban green spaces. I am also engaged in teaching in several master’s level courses




Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti, Finland


M.Eng., environmental technologies, urban planning and sustainability


I designed and implemented an independent, original research project to assess the retention of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in snow disposal site sediments




University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA


B.S., geology, graduate level geology courses and research


Publications, presentations and professional service


Since 2016 I have been an author on four published, peer-reviewed journal articles, with a total of 138 citations according to Google Scholar (accessed 08.02.2022)

Allen JA, Setälä H & Kotze, DJ (2020) Dog urine has acute impacts on soil chemistry in urban greenspace. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8:463

Francini G, Hui N, Jumpponen A, Kotze DJ, Romantschuk M, Allen JA, Setälä H (2018) Soil biota in boreal urban greenspace: Responses to plant type and age. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 118:145

Setälä H, Francini G, Allen JA, Jumpponen A, Hui N, Kotze DJ (2017) Urban parks provide ecosystem services by retaining metals and nutrients in soils. Environmental Pollution 231:451

Setälä H, Francini G, Allen JA, Hui N, Jumpponen A, Kotze DJ (2016) Vegetation type and age drive changes in soil properties, nitrogen and carbon sequestration in urban parks under cold climate. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 4:93

Nikunen S, Pyysing S, Talvenmäki H, Allen JA, Romantschuk M, Silvennoinen H (2017) Utilization of in-situ techniques in remediation of oil-polluted sites in Finland, pp. 197-205 in JRC: European achievements in soil remediation and brownfield redevelopment, Paya A & Pelaez S (Eds)

Allen JA, (2016) ‘Retention of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in snow dump site sediments’, Master of Engineering thesis, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti, Finland


Allen JA, and Zheng, BX, Are Dogs Altering Microbial Communities and Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance in Urban Park Soil Bacteria?,10 Nov 2021, presented at the online People and Planet conference, Lahti, Finland

Allen JA, The biogeochemical impacts of dog urine in urban green spaces, 20 May 2020, presented at the DENVI Annual Meeting, via Zoom

Allen JA, The biogeochemical impacts of localized nitrogen deposition by dogs in urban green spaces, 30 August 2019, presented at EcoEnv Science Days 2019, Tvärminne Zoological Research Station, Hanko, Finland

Professional service

Ympäristötieteellisen Seura Ry, board member / social media co-manager, since 2020

Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme’s (EcoEnv) research popularization scout”, 2022

DENVI Annual Meeting 2020 planning committee

Established and manage the Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme’s Twitter account, @UHEcoEnvi, since 2019

Founder and host of the weekly Lahti EcoEnv Happy Hour, since 2019 (on hiatus due to COVID-19)

University of Helsinki, Lahti campus Pikkujoulu 2019 planning committee

Lahti campus host for the biweekly EcoEnv Research programme morning meeting, 2019–2020

EcoEnv Winter Sports Day 2019 planning committee

EcoEnv Science Days planning committee, 2019 & 2020

Member, The Ecological Society of America, since 2018

Member, Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto (The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation), since 2014

Appointed by the Richmond City Council to serve on the Richmond Clean City Commission, 2011–2013

Team Leader, Reedy Creek Volunteer Monitoring Program, Richmond, Virginia, 2010–2013

Vice Chair, Virginia Water Environment Association Industrial Waste and Pretreatment Committee, 2013

Moderator, Virginia Water Environment Association Annual Pretreatment Conference, Charlottesville, VA, 2013



2016 Lahti University of Applied Sciences Stipend for outstanding master’s thesis

Research and Work Experience

Visiting Scholar, September–November 2018

Boston University, Laboratory of Dr. Pamela Templer, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Two month research visit to study field and laboratory methods for measuring nitrogen deposition in urban areas

Freelance English-language editor / paternal leave, 2017–2018

Provided English languge editing and Finnish-to-English translation services for researchers seeking to publish manuscripts or other materials

Research Assistant, 2014–2017

University of Helsinki, Ecosystems and Environment Programme, Lahti, Finland

Assisted in the implementation and maintenance of four research projects; Independently organized and conducted lab and field work; Oversaw six student workers in lab and field activities; Maintained project data and conducted data analyses using MS Excel and R; Participated in the writing and editing of manuscripts for publication in scientific journals

Owner, 2007–2013

A&R Environmental, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Managed the drinking water systems for two small communities in Virginia; Planned and managed the implementation of system upgrades

Environmental Inspector, Environmental Technician II, 2010–2013

City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Advised staff and the public on environmental regulations and best practices; Developed monitoring plans; Conducted > 200 inspections of industrial and municipal facilities; Conducted eight pollution source investigations; Inspected and inventoried >300 stormwater outfalls and > 50 km of streams and drainages

Exploration Geologist, Environmental Specialist, 2004–2009

Iluka Resources Inc., Stony Creek, Virginia, USA

Managed exploration field work, oversaw three member drill crew; Advised management and staff on environmental regulations and best practices; Compiled GHG emissions data for annual sustainability report; Trained employees; Obtained and maintained environmental operating permits




Amount (€)

University of Helsinki Funds

2018, 2020

3 900, 4 000

University of Helsinki Travel Grant


6 550

University of Helsinki, Lahti University Campus


20 424 (10 month funded PhD position)

Onni and Hilja Tuovinen Foundation

2018, 2020

10 000, 7 500

City of Helsinki


8 000



3 000

Päijät-Häme Regional Fund, Finnish Cultural Foundation


18 000


Other relevant experience and training

Teaching: ECGS-007 2021, Hosting a Scientific Conference; ENV-381 Topical Issues in Urban Research, 2019–2021; ECGS-901, Field course in Urban Environmental Ecology, 2020–2021

I have supervised four master’s students during their studies, two of which have or are about to complete their theses under my project.

Participated in the EU Interreg TANIA Project, Second Interregional Exchange Event, Pécs, Hungary, 22–23 May 2017

Selected to attend the 3rd KEYSOM Training School, University of Tartu, Estonia, 22–24 Jan 2019

Experienced in conducting soil sampling and laboratory analyses, including; DNA extraction, bulk density, pH, electrical conductivity, texture, organic matter, and nitrogen content via the colorimetric microplate method

Experienced in limological sampling methods and the operation of small research vessels

US EPA Inspector certification, 2013

National Stormwater Center certified inspector, 2011

Computer skills


Operating systems:

MS Windows, Linux, macOS


Native speaker

Office suites:

MS Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs


B2 (Working proficiency)


ArcGIS, QGIS, Google My Maps, Google Earth


A1 (Beginner)


R (with R Studio), GIMP, Fiji Image J, Adobe Photoshop, Zotera




Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

Environmental technology, Master of Engineering, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Tilldelningsdatum: 19 dec. 2016

Geology, Bachlor of Science, University of Georgia

Tilldelningsdatum: 25 maj 2002


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