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Jouni Lavikainen

  • Urheilumuseo Olympiastadion Paavo Nurmen tie 1

    00250 Helsinki



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I am a special researcher in the Sports Museum of Finland and a PhD student in the Doc­toral Pro­gramme in His­tory and Cul­tural Her­it­age in the University of Helsinki. My doctoral dissertation focuses on professionalization of Finnish sports in four disciplines: track and field, skiing, ice hockey and football. I am especially interested in career paths, sources of income and agency of Finnish elite athletes in the era of amateurism in the 1960s and 1970s and during transition towards open professionalism in the 1980s. My work in the Sports Museum includes writing history books and articles and participating in the museum's exhibition projects.

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Finnish and Nordic history, Master of Arts

Tilldelningsdatum: 19 jun 2012

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Special researcher, Suomen Urheilumuseosäätiö

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