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Personlig profil


Ph.D. (1979), University lecturer.

Director of  of teachter training of the department of mathematics and statistics.

Director of the Summamutikka-centre.

Teaching prizes: Eino Kaila –prize (1998), Magister Bonus –prize (2007). Member in the Teacher's Academy of the University of Helsinki (2013).

Reseach interests in mathematical logic: infinitary model theory and non-standard analysis.

Research and development interests in learning and teaching of mathematics:  mathematical thinking, philosophy of mathematics.

Work in math textbooks for secondary school since 1995. Work in connection of the matricuation exam since 1982.

Developed new methods to teaching of mathematics on university level (study group teaching, new approach to lecture courses etc.) with impressive results. (The number of students passing has become doubled.)

Long experience in bringing mathematics to scools in math days etc. Now director of the Summamutikka-centre (the math branch of the LUMA-centre). Currently the vice director of the Science Education Centre of the University of Helsinki. The representative of the University of Helsinki in the board of the the LUMA-centre of Finland.


  • 111 Matematik