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1989 …2021

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I work as senior researcher in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki.

I work in WeAll-research project funded by Academy of Finland (2015-2020). The topic of the research project is equality at work (15 researchers from the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Hanken). My focus is on diverse group of non-heterosexual and trans youth and their experiences of education and work environment, as well as on texts, such as school books, curricula documents, media, research reports, and how intersectional differences and normativities are construted in them. Currently I analyse the effects of covid-19 crises to LGBTI people and organisations (2020-2021).

My other research project focus on LGBT youth work and young people's agency. It is a part of collaboration project "Enabling South African and Finnish Youth Towards New Traditions of Non-Violence, Equality and Social Wellbeing" (Hanken School of Economics, prof. Jeff Hearn, 2013-2016, funded by Academy of Finland).

I have researched gender and sexuality in education and work environment. My earlier research project was "Non-heterosexuality and transitions of young people in education and working life". I was a member of a research project "Citizenship, agengy and difference in upper secondary education - with special focus on vocational institutions" (Academy of Finland 2010-2013, lead by professor Elina Lahelma, I focused within my research project on the transitions of non-heterosexual youth (compulsory to upper secondary to higher education) and on heteronormativity in education and culture of the institutions. My other research project focused on teachers and sexual orientation as part of project "Gender awareness in Teacher Education" (2009-2011). I am a member of JustEd (, Agora (, KUFE (Research unit of cultural and feminist studies of education,, and Koukero (


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