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Academic & Professional Background

Jussi Loponen made his master degree and doctoral degree studies in the Cereal Technology Group of University of Helsinki. During the post-doctoral period he visited Michael Gänzle’s laboratory for one year in the University of Alberta, Canada. Currently, he is a University Lecturer in Food Technology and a Principal Investigator in Cereal Technology at the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. Short academic education and professional career CV:

  • M.Sc. (Food Sciences, Cereal Technology), University of Helsinki 2002
  • Doctoral dissertation defence “Prolamin Degradation in Sourdoughs”, University of Helsinki 2006
  • D.Sc. (Food Sciences), University of Helsinki 2007
  • Academic visitor / Post-doctoral fellow, University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) 2007-2008
  • Post-doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki 2008-2009
  • Principal Investigator in Cereal Technology, University of Helsinki 2009→
  • University Lecturer in Food Technology, University of Helsinki 2010→


Research Summary

Jussi Loponen’s research focuses on the bioactivity and functionality of food proteins and especially on the modification of these by chemical and biochemical treatments, and food (bio)processing. The research, thus, aims to improve the bioactive and functional properties of food proteins such as immunoreactivity and interfacial behaviour. Sourdough fermentation among other acidification processes have this far been the major food bioprocesses applied. More specifically the research includes:

  • Elimination of immunogenic properties of gluten by food bioprocessing
  • Influence of gluten deamidation on its immunochemical properties
  • Targeted proteolysis of food proteins
  • Deamidation of cereal proteins for increased functionality
  • Foam and emulsion active proteins from oats
  • Macromolecular aspects on cereal food fermentations: polysaccharides and proteins
  • Advanced utilization of seed germination-induced enzymes in pH-dynamic food processing
  • Sourdough and other cereal food fermentations


Ongoing research projects:

  • MODPROT 2010-2012, Modification of the functionality and bioactivity of cereal proteins (Jussi is the Project Leader)
  • MANGLIN 2007-2011, Management of gluten intolerance:  novel insights in occurence, immunogenetics, food processing and safety. Jussi serves as the Principal Investigator in food processing part. Finnish Academy & Tekes jointly funded consortium project.
  • FOLAFIBRE 2007-2010, Aqueous processing of oats and barley:  In situ enhancement of folate and associated bioactive compounds while maintaining soluble dietary fibre physiologically active (Jussi is a part of Cereal Technology Group)
  • Contract research projects


Teaching Summary

Jussi serves as a University Lecturer in Food Technology. His teaching includes lecturing and guidance in practical works as well as supervising undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. The courses include:

  • Introduction to academic food technology studies (in Finnish, bachelor’s degree)
  • Food physics (in Finnish, bachelor’s degree)
  • Physical chemistry of foods (in Finnish, bachelor’s degree)
  • Food process design (in Finnish, bachelor’s degree)
  • Novel potential food processing technologies (in English, master’s degree)
  • Food separation methods (in English, master’s degree)
  • Cereal chemistry and biochemistry (in English, master’s degree)




  • Finnish Food Research Foundation, Post Doc Year Grant 2006 (€ 4,500)
  • Finnish Food Research Foundation, Research Grant 2006 (€ 10,000)
  • Finnish Food Research Foundation, Research Grant 2005 (€ 10,000)
  • Applied Bioscience Graduate School, Scholarship 2003-2006 (salary)
  • Finnish Association of Cereal Technicians, Thesis Award 2002 (€ 840)


MAJOR RESEARCH FUNDING:                           

  • Modification of the functionality and bioactivity of cereal proteins, University of Helsinki Funds, 2010-2012 (leader of the project)
  • Management of Gluten Intolerance, Tekes, 2007-2011 (principal investigator)
  • Therapy of Celiac Disease with Pro-Specific Enzymes, Tekes, 2006- 2007 (leader of the cereal technology part)
  • Exploitation of bioactive peptides in food, Tekes, 2002-2004 (researcher)
  • Bioactive compounds in rye, MMM/Tekes, 2001-2003 (researcher)
  • Functional wheat sourdough, Tekes, 2000-2002 (researcher)



  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Journal of Applied Microbiology
  • Journal of Texture Studies
  • Cereal Chemistry
  • Food Microbiology
  • European Food Research and Technology
  • Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
  • Agricultural and Food Science
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • International Journal of Food Microbiology
  • Food and Bioproducts Processing



  • Member of the American Association of Cereal Chemists
  • Member of the Society of Food Sciences (Finnish)
  • Member of the Finnish Association of Cereal Technicians
  • Member of the advisory board of Kehittyvä Elintarvike (a Finnish food magazine)



  • Interviewed and evaluated for the Full Professorship in Food Technology at the University of Helsinki, 2009-2010
  • Short-listed and interviewed for the Assistant Professor in Plant Protein Chemistry and Technology position at the University of Alberta, 2007


  • 415 Övriga jordbruksvetenskaper
  • 220 Industriell bioteknologi

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