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I am associate professor of quantitative and comparative linguistics at the University of Helsinki. My research concerns primarily large-scale comparative research of the world's languages but also corpus linguistics and comparative sociolinguistics. I have researched, for instance, case marking, word order, grammatical gender, linguistic complexity, language and religion, and methodology in typology. I teach widely on general linguistic topics, ranging from language typology and language evolution to sociolinguistics, language contact, and statistics in linguistics. I supervise master's theses and PhD dissertations mostly related to my research interests and expertise but also more widely.

I currently direct the ERC-funded project "Linguistic Adaptation" (2019-2023). See more information about the project by clicking the link.


  • Language typology and universals
  • Core argument marking
  • Statistical methods in typology
  • Language complexity
  • Adaptation of language structures
  • Sociolinguistic typology
  • Language and religion

Courses taught

  • Articulatory phonetics
  • Evolution of speech and language
  • Introduction to general linguistics
  • Introduction to language typology
  • Introduction to syntax
  • History of linguistics and current fields of research
  • Language Contact
  • Linguistic meaning, usage and context
  • Phonology and morphology
  • Quantitative typology
  • Quantitative methods in linguistics
  • Research methods in linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics


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