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Kateryna Golovina (née Savelieva)

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Research project: Psychosocial Factors Driving Fertility Declines in Finland and Other Nordic Countries

In my current project at the HCAS, I focus on the role of various psychosocial factors in the recent fertility declines in Finland and other Nordic countries. Fertility rates have been declining in the Nordic countries since 2010, with Finland exhibiting a particularly pronounced decline. The explanations for this decline are hotly debated but poorly understood. By using survey and register data from the Nordic countries, I investigate whether the actual fertility trends in the Nordic countries are anticipated by changes in fertility preferences. I also study how different psychosocial factors (such as values and attitudes; mental health; experiences in the early family environment; social networks) influence fertility preferences and behaviour, and especially why people hesitate about having a first child.


  • Family Formation, Fertility, and Health (PSYK493-d), Department of Psychology and Logopedics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki. Organizer and responsible teacher (since 2022-).
  • Psychology of Health and Well-Being (AYPSYK-241), Open University, University of Helsinki. Invited lecturer (since 2021-).


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PhD (Psychology), Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki. Dissertation title “Intergenerational transmission of the family environment: Mediating and moderating factors, and associations with cardiovascular health”. Date: 03.11.2017


  • Fertility preferences and behaviour
  • Links between generations
  • Early family environment
  • Psychosocial determinants of physical and mental health


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