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Kati Sormunen, PhD, works at the University of Helsinki as a researcher and teacher educator. Sormunen’s earlier experience includes professional teacher tenures in pre-school as well as in primary and secondary education. During her tenures, she has co-designed and implemented inclusive practices, such as team teaching and differentiation at the grassroots level. She has developed pedagogical approaches to computational thinking and coding skills in multi-disciplinary co-operation with actors from school, university and company in Innokas Network. In her research, she focuses on the learning of different learners in large-scale projects and develops a model of invention pedagogy in collaboration with researchers, teachers and students. She has published scientific articles in peer-reviewed publications and research textbooks. Sormunen is also an active author of digital learning materials for primary education, and she has co-authored several publications for science and mathematics education.

Kati Sormunen’s professional interests lie in the broad landscape of 21st-century learning; especially with inclusive pedagogy and digitally supported learning as well as methodological issues of learning computational thinking and maker skills. She believes that teaching is an ongoing design process, and therefore education should be developed in an intensive collaboration with all actors from students to a broader community.

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