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My research is focused on the enzymatic and chemical modification of polysaccharides, especially oxidation reactions. The wide variety of hemicelluloses with different structures is an excellent source of materials for the modifications. For example, polysaccharides containing galactosyl side groups can be selectively oxidized with the enzyme galactose oxidase. The oxidized polysaccharides have new physicochemical properties, for example, some of them are able to form hydrogels. The hydrogels can be utilized in the preparation of aerogels, which might have potential applications in various industries. I hope the utilization of these sustainable natural materials will be enhanced in the future.


Lecture and laboratory courses / organic chemistry.


Current position

University lecturer, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki

Degrees awarded

Docent, Organic chemistry of biomaterials, University of Helsinki (2014)

PhD, Organic chemistry, University of Helsinki (2007)

MSc, Organic chemistry, University of Helsinki (2001)


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