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I am a conservation ecologist interested in ornithology, and how human induced habitat and climate changes affect species across time and space with special interests in landscape ecology. From 2020 to early 2022 I was working at the Finnish Museum of Natural History based on an  Early Postdoc Mobility grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, researching how and whether Northern bird populations show cumulative responses to climate change using long-term monitoring data from three northern countries. During 2022 I am employed at the Finnish Museum of Natural History for the project on farmland management effects on birds in Northern Europe.

My earlier research was focused on the impacts of agricultural management and landscape configuration on the habitat preferences of the woodlark Lullula arborea at multiple spatial scales. After I finished my PhD in early 2018 in the research group led by Prof. Raphaël Arlettaz at the University of Bern, I started a postdoc position at the Swiss Ornithological Institute where I managed a range of restoration projects in vineyards to increase the local biodiversity based on recent research findings. During this position, a stronghold of my work was focused on public outreach and science communication activities through e.g. public talks, excursions, or workshops. 

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Postdoc - visiting researcher, Cumulative effects of climate change on northern bird populations, Naturhistoriska centralmuseet

1 aug. 202031 jan. 2022

Conservation Biology, PhD, Effects of vineyard management and landscape configuration on Woodlarks and their invertebrate prey, University of Bern

1 okt. 20141 mars 2018


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