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Politices doktor, ekonomisk och social historia

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I am currently studying entrepreneurs in the ready-to-wear industry in Sweden and Finland. In the clothing industry, the companies tend to be so small that business-owners and their firms are inseparable. My aim is to reconsider “modernity” by focusing on a field of business with multiple small firms with embedded social networks and family relations. One important aspect to the study is home-based industrial work. I aim to reconsider concepts such as “ethnic entrepreneur” or “female business-owner”.

My doctoral thesis (2013) studied the small Jewish community of Helsinki. I examined on the one hand the occupational structure to analyze changes in the social position of the community in Finland. On the other hand, I analyzed the different aspects of how the position of Helsinki Jews has been narrated.


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Ekonomisk och social historia, Politices doktor

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Country editor, Scandinavian Economic History Review

1 jan. 201931 dec. 2022


  • 5202 Ekonomisk- och socialhistoria
  • beklädnadsindustri
  • judisk historia

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