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Leena Kolehmainen, FD, professor, tyska språket

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I work as a professor of German language in the Department of Languages at the Faculty of Humanities (2023-). I am interested in the multilingualism of individuals, communities and institutions. I am also currently working on linguistic landscapes and studying language ideologies in Finland, ie. attitudes towards different languages, especially German. Multilingualism in industrial communities is another current topic.

Areas of my previous research include the translation of minority languages, non-professional translation, the corpus linguistic research of translated texts, the intersection of translation and language contact, grammaticalization, syntax (meteorological constructions, valency and argument structure) and complex verbs (prefix and particle verbs).

I am one of the founding members of the FI-DACH research network, which investigates historical and contemporary cultural relations between Finland and the German speaking area in Middle Europe. I am currently also involved in the Finnish-German-Dutch Lingdustry research network on multilingualism in industrial communities and in the project Generation Z language ideologies: language making as textual performance, led by a colleague at the University of Turku.

Previously, I was professor of German language at the University of Turku (2017-2023). At the University of Eastern Finland, I worked as an associate professor of German language (2013-2017) and in several other positions (2006-2013) e.g. as a lecturer, university lecturer, post doc researcher and professor/acting of German language. In 2020, I was a part-time and temporary visiting professor at the University of Graz, and in 2010, a visiting researcher at the Saarland University.

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Germansk filologi, Docent, Humanistiska fakulteten

Tilldelningsdatum: 1 dec. 2011

Germansk filologi, Filosofie doktor, Humanistiska fakulteten

Tilldelningsdatum: 20 dec. 2005

Germansk filologi, Filosofie magister, Jyväskylän yliopisto

Tilldelningsdatum: 23 sep. 1997


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