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I am a post-doctoral researcher in Environmental Policy since January 2018. In my study, I examine the politics and science around new uncertainties involved with the Baltic Sea. My research is part of a Finnish Academy -funded project that is focused on socioenvironmental disasters in Finland. In addition to disasters, my research interests include coastal and marine resource governance, human-environment relations, environmental conflicts, extractive industries, fishers and environmental knowledge. In my PhD thesis in Development Studies, I focused on a marine-environmental conflict. The thesis examined the politico-legal securitization of environmental governance mechanisms and related political struggles among the privatizing oil industry and artisanal fishers around marine resource access, knowledge and identity in the Mexican state of Tabasco, in the Gulf of Mexico. My work analyzed environmental conflict as an arena where shifting logics of governance compete with local environmental knowledges, fragmented subaltern networks and media narratives. I master eight languages and my methodological training is focused on ethnography and newspaper narrative analysis. I have coordinated and taught BA and MA level courses including Introduction seminar to BA studies, Politics and the Environment in the Global South, Social Realities in the Global South, and Ethnographic Methodology, all at the University of Helsinki.


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