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Research mainly in environmental and sustainability education, transdisciplinary and phenomenon based learning, and education in the Anhropocene.

Teacher educator with courses in science education and sustainability education.



Lili-Ann Wolff is Doctor of Education and Asssociate Professor in environmental education. She works as a lecturer in science education. Besides a master and doctorate in education, she has also graduated in science and philosophy.

Since the 1980s she has been involved in sustainability education and since the millennium shift in sustainability education research. Her training and work experience include educational leadership, planning, production of teaching materials and programs, and practical teaching (of all age groups). Likewise, she has written numerous and diverse articles, made evaluations, participated in policy work and performed research both alone and in several national and international project groups.

She has a long experience of international cooperation and networking as a member of many strategic working groups, and she has been engaged in politics on many levels. Her research interest is sustainability education from transdisciplinary and critical views combining education, philosophy, and history of science, natural sciences and arts.

Her doctoral thesis Nature and sustainability: An educational study with Rousseau and Foucault (2011) deals with the ethics of sustainability from a philosophical/historical view. It was awarded with the highest grade (laudatur/A). The topics of her forthcoming articles (2020-2021) are for example We have all been monkeys; Scientific literacy and social sustainability, Nature as aesthetic experience: How to engage small children, Learning in the Anthropocene, and Sustainable leadership: Non-affirmative education as a norm critical approach? 


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Education, Philosophy, Science


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Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.


An Issue of Scale: The Challenge of Time, Space and Multitude in Sustainability and Geography Education

Skarstein, F. & Wolff, L-A., 23 jan 2020, I : Education Sciences. 10, 2, 18 s., 28.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Editorial: Sustainability Education in Risks and Crises: Lessons from Covid-19

Wolff, L-A., jun 2020, (!!Accepted/In press) I : Sustainability. 12, 5205, 6 s.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Social sustainability and transformation in higher educational settings: A utopia or possibility?

Wolff, L-A. & Ehrström, P., 20 maj 2020, I : Sustainability. 12, 10, 21 s., 4176.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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Species Learning and Biodiversity in Early Childhood Teacher Education

Wolff, L-A. & Skarstein, T. H., 3 maj 2020, I : Sustainability. 12, 9, 20 s., 3698.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

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PHOENIX: COST Action CA19123

Wolff, L.


Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

Education for Sustainable Development in the Nordic Countries

Wolff, L., Jónsson, Ó. P., Bengtsson, S., Lyysgaard, J. A., Øyehaug, A. B. Ø., Didham, R. J. & Guðmundsson, B.


Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

EduAnt: Education in the Anthropocene

Wolff, L., Skarstein, T. & Skarstein, F.

15/01/2019 → …

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

Sustainability in the Curricula

Wolff, L., Hofman-Bergholm, M. & Furu, A.

01/01/2018 → …

Projekt: Forskningsprojekt


Avdelningen för pedagogik (Organisation)

Lili-Ann Wolff (Styrelsemedlem)

mar 2020apr 2020

Aktivitet: MedlemskapstyperUtlåtanden vid tillsättning

Education Inquiry (Tidskrift)

Lili-Ann Wolff (Referentgranskare)

maj 2020

Aktivitet: Typer för peer review av output och redaktionsarbeteReferentgranskning av manuskript

Reviewer of three abstracts for the TEPE 2020 Conference (Teacher Education Policy in Europe)

Lili-Ann Wolff (Deltagare)

feb 2020mar 2020

Aktivitet: Andra aktivitetstyperTyper av övriga aktiviteter - Övrigt

Vetenskapsrådet - The Swedish Research Council (Extern organisation)

Lili-Ann Wolff (Styrelsemedlem)


Aktivitet: MedlemskapstyperMedlemskap eller annan role i inhemsk/internationell kommitté, råd, styrelse

Teacher Education Policy in Europe - Conference

Lili-Ann Wolff (Talare: Presentation), , Emelie Cockerell (Talare: Presentation), & Ólafur Páll Jónsson (Talare: Presentation)

14 maj 2020

Aktivitet: Typer för deltagande i eller organisering av evenemangArrangemang av och deltagande i konferens/workshop/kurs/seminarium


Kestävän kehityksen pedagogiikka - teoriaa ja käytäntöjä

Anna Uitto, Lili-Ann Wolff, Seppo Saloranta & Anna Lehtonen


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Lili-Ann Wolff


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Lili-Ann Wolff


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