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My research interests are in the interdisciplinary study of the implications of life sciences and medicine, particularly neuroscience and psychiatry, the topic of my recently published PhD. At the Kone Foundation funded project Pluripotent Science I am exploring the hope invested in the research of gut bacteria and human microbiota in understanding, treating and experiencing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

I supervise Master's theses and teach individual courses.

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My PhD research analyses the interplay between psychiatric science, clinical practice and the lived experiences of patients using the case of bipolar disorder in Finland. The starting point for the research in science and technology studies is the diagnostic uncertainty inherent in psychiatry. Despite the advances in the neurosciences, there are no biomarkers for mental disorders and the diagnosis is based on the descriptive classifications in diagnostic manuals. This leaves the symptoms open for interpretation. This research is an ethnographic analysis of how this diagnostic uncertainty is dealt with in psychiatric science, clinical practice and patients’ experiences. Link:


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