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My main interests in research has been the chemistry of wood, especially chemistry of lignin, and also other components of wood (cellulose, hemicelluloses). More recently I have expanded my knowledge in chemistry of hemicelluloses, and their use as emulsifiers.

I have also interest in using enzymatic modification for transformation of biomaterials, especially using laccase for oxidation of lignin. I have also been a researcher in projects involving lignin composites and wood modification.

In the future, I would like to expand my knowledge and research further on phenols and polyphenols in plants used for food materials.

Teaching of courses

FOOD-107 Organic chemistry in food sciences, teacher (half of course lectures) fall 2020

KEK110 Kemian perusteet, teacher 2018-2019

ETK-510 Kemian työt, teacher 2018-2019

ETK-520 Biomolekyylien rakenteet ja reaktiot, teacher (exercises) 2018-2019, and responsible teacher (lectures) 2022-2023

Orgaanisen kemian työt 1, Orgaanisen kemian työt 2, Orgaanisen kemian syventävät työt, teaching assistant 2007-2008

Orgaaninen kemia I, Orgaaninen kemia II, part-time teacher (exercises) 2004-2005


University pedagogical studies (25 cr, Basic studies in university pedagogy)

Doctor of Philosophy in organic chemistry 2013 (Title of thesis - Reactivity and reactions of lignin model compounds with laccases)

Master of Science in chemistry 2002 (Title of thesis - Antrakinoni redox-katalyyttina kemiallisen massan valmistuksessa)





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