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Mar Cabeza is a researcher at the Metapopulation Research Centre, Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki. Cabeza obtained her first degree in Spain (University of Barcelona) and her PhD in Finland, at the University of Helsinki. After a three-year postdoc at the Biodiversity and Global Change Lab with Dr. Miguel B. Araújo (CSIC, Spain), Cabeza is now an established PI at the University of Helsinki, leading the “Global Change and Conservation” team. Most of Cabeza’s research is strongly linked to conservation, including theoretical and applied projects both in the developed and developing worlds. Cabeza has participated in a number of international climate change projects, (e.g. “Impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services in the Barents Region”, a Nordic Council project or the EUFP7 project RESPONSES)

MC values education at a variety of levels, from school children to advanced PhD students. She enjoys designing and developing novel courses employing a variety of pedagogical tools. She has taught  conservation courses in various (developing) countries and is the coordinator of the exchange course RESPECT (Conservation Planning in the tropics), a field course in Madagascar. MC is committed to supervision of students and has been awarded several times for such dedication. She is currently supervising 4 PhD students and 3 MSc.



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