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I am interested in evidence based policymaking, especially regarding how evidence is generated and ow science and scientists influence policy making processes. In my PhD project, I will investigate the benefits and limitations of two different knowledge synthesis methods (a systematic review and a realist synthesis) in providing credible and useful evidence for policymakers in the topic of environmental impacts of different property rights regimes in forests, fisheries and range lands. In addition to examining performance of methods, my PhD project also investigates the influence of scientific evidence in national policy making processes, such as REDD+. I'm  also interested to understand  what role scientists themselves play in evidence based policymaking, such as how scientists deal with their cognitive biases related to evidence and research. My current projects investigate the role and influence of research and science in national REDD+ policies in Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam by using policy network analyses. In addition, I am planning a research questionnaire for my project related to research biases in evidence generation. 

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International Forest Policy


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