Maria Ojanen, Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry)

Msc in Forestry


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I am interested in understanding and assessing science-policy interactions and evidence-informed policymaking, particularly in terms of tensions and conflicts related to the evidence and expertise. In my Phd I examined how scientists can generate evidence effectively and how science and scientists influence policy making processes. In terms of evidence, I investigated the strengths and limitations of two different research evidence synthesis methods (a systematic review and a realist synthesis) in providing credible and policy-relevant evidence. The topic of the reviews was about the environmental impacts of different property rights regimes in forests, fisheries and range lands. In addition to examining performance of methods, my PhD project also investigated how scientists in the forestry field navigated the tensions emerging in science-policy interfaces. 

For current work, please visit my profile at the Finnish Environment institute  

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International Forest Policy


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