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I currently work as postdoctoral researcher in the discipline of political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Helsinki. I completed my PhD at the University of Helsinki in May, 2018. In my dissertation Making Finnish universities complete organisations: Aims and tensions in establishing tenure track and research profiles, I examined the transformation of Finnish university organisations. In particular, I focused on two policy reforms – the introduction of so-called tenure track career systems and research profiles.

My postdoctoral research is related to the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORDICORE, funded by NordForsk. NORDICORE is a five-year project and a consortium of 27 researchers in the Nordic countries.  NORDICORE studies key issues that can help us understand and explain what promotes and inhibits gender balance and gender equality within academia and research. In the project, we aim to map and evaluate gender equality policies implemented in academic institutions in three Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway.


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