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312 Clinical medicines, 314 Health sciences, 317 Pharmacy

Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of hospital treatment, measuring health related quality of life, quality of life-instruments, PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes)  instruments, the impact of waiting time to the final outcomes and costs in hip and knee replacements, management of surgical care, outcomes of surgical care, cost of illness, cost of adverse events of care, surgical wound infections, patient injuries,  Health Technology Assessment, register research, RCTs, systematic reviews, meta-analysis.


Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Utility, Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL),  Health Technology Assessment, Systematic reviews, Meta-Analysis, Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics


Teacher and co-ordinator of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Pharmaepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Economic Evaluation, Health Technology Assessment, Critical Appraisal of Evidence, Measuring Effectiveness in Pharmacoeconomic Research,  Research Methods in Social Pharmacy and Pharmacoeconomics and in addition, in business economy and leadership.


  • 317 Farmaci
  • 314 Hälsovetenskap
  • 312 Klinisk medicin

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