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Marjaana Helminen

Professor Dr.

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Marjaana Helminen works as a full-time professor of comparative and international tax law at the University of Helsinki. She has worked also as a justice at the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland and as a tax-adviser at Loyens&Loeff in Amsterdam. She specializes in international and EU tax law issues. Her doctoral thesis “The Dividend Concept in International Tax Law” (Kluwer), was awarded with the Mitchell B. Carrol Price of the International Fiscal Association in 2000. An updated version of the thesis was published in 2010 and in 2016. Marjaana Helminen has published also several other monographs and a large number of articles on different international and EU tax law issues. Among others her monographs “The Nordic Multilateral Tax Treaty as a Model for a Multilateral EU Treaty” (IBFD), “EU Tax Law – Direct Taxation” (IBFD) and “Finnish International Taxation” (AlmaTalent) may be mentioned.

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Law, Doctor

Economics, Master of Arts


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