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Marjut Jyrkinen

Consortium Director of the WeAll project (funded by Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland, 2015-21, Associate Professor in Working Life Equality and Gender Studies , Affiliate researcher at the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Studies

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I am Associate Professor in Working Life Equality and Gender Studies (tenure track) at the University of Helsinki (UH). I have worked at the UH since 2012 (acting Professor in Gender Studies and the Head of the Discipline 2012-15), and before that at the Hanken School of Economics. I am a Co-founder and Co-director (leaderhip by prof Tuija Pulkkinen) of the PhD Programme Gender, Culture and Society SKY (Sukupuoli, kulttuuri ja yhteiskunta) at the UH ( I am Docent in Administration and Organisation Studies, Department of Political and Economic Studies at the Faculty of Socal Sciences (UH). Research collaboration has been funded by the Academy of Finland as well as through funding by European, Nordic and Finnish foundations. The latest new connection is the membership of HELSUS, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. It is interesting to collaborate with researchers who focus on ecological sustainability, and to add social and human sustainability and to address possibilities for economical sustaibility in organisational and working life contexts.  

My major interests in research are in critical studies on gender in management and organisations, and thereby (organisational) ethics and also human rights more broadly. My research is multidisciplinary and aims to have a high societal impact. At the moment I am enthusiastic about our current research of the Consortium WeAll - Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland ( WeAll Project (2015-21) explores the factors that support and, on the other hand, restrict the opportunities of different groups and people in working life because of gender, age, sexuality, class, and location. We are interested how the intersections of these enable the capabilities of people to participate in the working life and enjoy also full life outside of work.

WeAll brings together a multidisciplinary research team based at the UH (Gender Studies and Ruralia Institute), Hanken School of Economics, and Jyväskylä University Business School. WeAll is led by myself and Professor Anna-Maija Lämsä; other PIs are Docent and Senior Researcher Jukka Lehtonen (UH) and Dr Charlotta Niemistö (Hanken). At the Ruralia Institute (UH) the research is led by Professor Sami Kurki. Interest in stakeholders' opinions and co-production of knowledge are inbuilt in our project WeAll. If you or your organisation are interested in my/our work, please contact

Key words of my curent research interests are: gender, intersectionality, diversity; organisational cultures and ethics; gender in management and organisations; gendered ageism; but I am also interested in justice, violations and gendered violence, and globalised sex trade. 



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Internationellt och inhemskt samarbete Publikationer och projekt inom de senaste fem åren.

Publikationer 1996 2019

Emotional Workplace Abuse: A New Research Approach

Penttinen, E., Jyrkinen, M. & Wide, E., 2019, Palgrave Pivot. 80 s.

Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportBokVetenskapligPeer review

Is fatherhood allowed? Media discourses of fatherhood in organizational life

Kangas, E., Lämsä, A-M. & Jyrkinen, M. H., 2019, I : Gender, Work and Organization.

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelVetenskapligPeer review

Women’s Appearance as the Focus of Attention in Organizations

Ojasoo, M., Lämsä, A-M., Jyrkinen, M. H. & Rihma, M., 2019, Responsible Humane Strategies for Gender, Equality, Empowerment and Leadership . Kumar Dey, A. & Lehtimäki, H. (red.). New Delhi: Bloomsbury Publishing India , s. 22-33

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Early to Mid-Career Women Managers: Experiences of Gendered Age, Care and Work

McKie, L. & Jyrkinen, M., 25 maj 2018, Research Handbook of Diversity and Careers: New Horizons in Management. Broadbridge, A. M. & Fielden, S. L. (red.). Edward Elgar, s. 44-59 16 s.

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review

Öppen tillgång

Projekter 2012 2021

WeAll: Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland

Jyrkinen, M., Lämsä, A., Niemistö, C., Lehtonen, J., Karjalainen, M., Steel, T., Hyvönen, H. T., Lähdesmäki, M., Suutari, T., Kurki, S., Helms Mills, J., Mills, A., McKie, L., Pucetaite, R. & Hearn, J.


Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

TAHTO - Maanpuolustustahto ja taistelutahto 2000-luvun Suomessa

Tallberg, T., Kosonen, J., Jyrkinen, M., Laitinen, K. & Tiilikainen, M.


Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

Nätverk för komparativa studier av den nordiska jämställdhetsmodellen

Husu, L., Jyrkinen, M. & Kantola, J.


Projekt: Forskningsprojekt

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Participant in panel discussion on the Strategic Research Council funding

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Kestävä (työ)elämä? Tasa-arvo, hoiva, työ ja koulutus

Marjut Jyrkinen (!!Keynote speaker)
5 mar 2019

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